Strategy & Style


Strategy & Style

Asset values move in accordance with

  • A. Fundamentals
  • B. Capital flows
  • C. Time Cycles &
  • D. Market condition

Having a portfolio approach with particular emphasis on effective diversification of risk under crash conditions is key to withstanding, and eventually benefiting from, adverse market conditions.

Our portfolio is built around three asset classes namely, Real Estate, Liquid Markets and Private Equity.

This combination ensures maintaining adequate liquidity at all times while diversifying sources, as well as timing, of risk and return.

Our liquid markets portfolios combines listed equities and fixed income. Risk and exposure management strategy is based on a methodical discipline that the team has implemented for decades.

Direct investing in Real Estate and Private Equity relies on alignment with best in class industry partners to ensure effective implementation of post acquisition plans on a timely basis. Early detection of impending risks and having multiple paths to value creation is central to our post acquisition plans.