Investment Philosophy


Investment Philosophy

  • A. The ability to withstand adverse market conditions
  • B. The ability to act freely to take advantage of such adverse conditions
  • C. The ability to effectively diversify portfolio risks without dragging returns.

Focus on risk drivers, liquidity, and multiple paths to value creation is central to our investment decision making process.

Alignment of both interest and of intent is key to long term partnerships that delivers the objectives of all stake holders. We therefore choose our clients with care and make sure they share our investment philosophy. In turn, we always invest alongside our clients to ensure that our revenues are dependent primarily on investment performance.

Finally we believe in the central role a team plays in delivering performance over the medium and long term. We have therefore built a focused and uniquely aligned team that has worked together for decades. This is a team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise and who share the same values centered around integrity and respect.